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A Color Transformation is necessary anytime a guest wishes to achieve a dramatic change, such as going from blonde to brown, dark brown to very blonde, or removing red color. Color Transformations are also scheduled for those guests who come in need of corrective color. In many cases color transformations or corrective color require more than one appointment, as well as in salon or at home treatments in between visits. This will help to maintain the health and integrity of your hair.


A consultation is mandatory before I can schedule this visit. This is to ensure an agreed upon plan and realistic goal for your hair. At the consultation its a perfect time to review photos of colors and styles you have in mind. Many times your desired look may take several appointments each anywhere from 3-6 hours in duration as well as reconstructive treatments in salon and at home, making your consultation an integral part of this process. 


Color Transformations begin at $110/hour.

Hair Dying
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